Monday, June 4, 2012

Below is a current list of all the things that visitors have requested. A bit rate quality of 192 kbps or higher is preferred. I am constantly revising the list as requests are fulfilled, so check by here for new updates! Happy browsing!

LAST UPDATED: November 6, 2017

*Various Artists-Cover Morning Musume Hello! Project (2002)
*Various Artists-DeVeaux Deluxe (?)
*Various Artists-Disney Channel Hits: Take 1 (2004)
*Various Artists-Disney Channel Hits: Take 2 (2005)
*Various Artists-eMusic Presents NFL Jams (1998)
*Various Artists-I Love R&B Vol. 4 (2005)
*Various Artists-Longshot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2002)
*Various Artists-LOVE SONG SOUNDTRACK (2000)
*Various Artists-Mr. Wrong: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1996)
*Various Artists-On The Down Low: Can We Play? (1996)
*Various Artists-Our Family (1993)
*Various Artists-Rap & Hip-Hop Vol. 2 (1996)
*Various Artists-Rockin' The Corps (2005)
*Various Artists-Ruthless People: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1986)
*Various Artists-The Best Of Jazz Flavours: Cats IV (?)
*Various Artists-The Perfect Beats Volume 2 (1998)
*Various Artists-The Perfect Beats Volume 3 (1998)
*Various Artists-The Perfect Beats Volume 4 (1998)
*Various Artists-THUNDER ALLEY SOUNDTRACK (1985)
21st CENTURY GIRLS-21st Century Girls (1999)
2BE3-Remix Collector (1997)
A. CINCO-Cómo Saber (2000)
A. CINCO-Supervisor De Tus Sueños (2004)
A.S.K.-Freedom We Cry (1992)
Aaradhna-Brown Girl (2016)
Aaradhna-Sweet Soul Music (2008)
Aaradhna-Treble & Reverb (2012)
Ada Dyer-Ada Dyer (1990)
Akasa-One Night In My Life (1992)
Aldaron West-Safe Place To Fall (1994)
Alex E-Tonight (1998)
ALL-4-ONE-(She's Got) Skillz [SINGLE] (1994)
ALL-4-ONE-Not Ready 4 Goodbye (2002)
ALLSTAR WEEKEND-Kevin's Place [EP] (2013)
Andy Brown-Come Back Romance, All Is Forgiven (1977)
Andy Brown-Sweet William (1973)
Andy Griffith-Just As I Am: 30 Favorite Old Time Hymns (1998)
Andy Williams-I Don't Remember Ever Growing Up (2006)
APPLE & APPLEBERRY-Apple & Appleberry (1974)
ATOMIC KITTEN-Ladies Night [Japanese Edition] (2003)
ATOMIC KITTEN-Right Now [Japanese Version] (2001)
Audrey Landers-My Dreams For You (1990)a.k.a. "Meine Träume Für Dich" (Germany release)
Ava-Ava (1989)
B.I.G.-Brothers In God (1999)
BALBOA PARK-Cherrymoon Of Love (1989)
Barbi Benton-Ain't That Just The Way (1978)
Barbi Benton-Kinetic Voyage (1988)
Barbie-Rock It Up! [SINGLE] (1985)
Barbie-Wham Bam [SINGLE] (1986)
BARDO-The Best Of Bardo (2013)
Barry Kim-Barry Kim (?)
Barry Kim-Hawaiian Favorites (?)
BEAT 4 FEET-So Real (1993)
Beckie Bell-Beckie Bell (1994)
BED & BREAKFAST-Deep In My Mind (2000)Germany released.
Ben Sidran & Clementine-Spread Your Wings (1991)
Bianca Kinane-CD Sampler (1996)
BIG FUN-Past Lover [SONG] (1989)It's on the single for "I Feel The Earth Move".
BIG FUN-Someday In My House [SINGLE] (1992)
Billie Piper-The Best Of Billie (2005)
Billy Ocean-Chained [SINGLE] (2008)
BLUE-Heaven Knows [SINGLE] (1990)BLUE was a short-lived pop duo active in the 90's.
BLUE-Misssing These Kisses [SINGLE] (1990)BLUE was a short-lived pop duo active in the early 90's.
Boris Gardiner-Let's Take A Holiday (1988)
Boris Gardiner-The Best Of Boris Gardiner (2002)
BOYS CLUB-I Remember Holding You [45 Vinly Version] (1988)
Brad Caleb Kane-Ahead Of The Curve [EP] (?)
Brad Caleb Kane-Go Mad (?)
Brad Caleb Kane-In Your Own Way (?)
Brad Caleb Kane-Selections (?)
Brad Caleb Kane-The Artist Lounge Album (?)
Brenda K. Starr-If You Could Read My Mind [SINGLE] (1991)5-track single.
Brigette McWilliams-Too Much Woman (1997)
Brittany Underwood-Brittany Underwood (2013)
Carlos Peña-Aqui Estoy (2009)
CARMEN & THE ONE SEVEN - C-17 (2009)
Carola-…With Love (1984)
Carola-Thunder And Lightning (1984)
Charlotte-Charlotte (1999)Charlotte Perrelli's 12-track version of this album.
Cheryl Ladd-The Best Of Cheryl Ladd (1981)
Cheryl Ladd-You Make It Beautiful (1982)
CHEYENNE-Money (1982)
CHILD-Child (1977)
CHILD-The First Album (1978)
CHILD-Total Recall (1979)
CHIPPENDALES-Give Me Your Body [SINGLE] (1992)
Chris Duffy-All The Time In The World (1992)
Chris Huelsbeck-25 Years: The Turrican II Orchestral Album (2017)
Christian Wunderlich-Reflections (2000)
Christy Angeletti-Perfectly Fine (2010)
CITILITE-Delicatessen (1998)CITILITE appears to be a Dutch jazz/rock band.
CLEOPATRA-Comin' Atcha [Japanese Edtion] (1998)
CLEOPATRA-Steppin' Out [Japanese Edition] (2000)
Cody Longo-She Said [SINGLE] (2013)
COLOR ME BADD-C'est La Vie [SONG] (1993)Found exclusively on the Japanese version of "Time And Chance".
COLOR ME BADD-I Remember [SONG] (1993)Found exclusively on the Japanese version of "Time And Chance".
Corey Feldman-Still Searching For Soul (1999)
Corey Haim-[Unreleased Album] (1994)
Curtis Stigers-Baby Plays Around (2001)
D. HALL & RAIN-Say, Say, Say [MAXI-SINGLE] (1997)
Daniel Hall-Man's World [MAXI-SINGLE] (2000)
Daniel Hall-Nothing 4 Nothing [MAXI-SINGLE] (1998)
Daniel Hall-The Way We Flex [MAXI-SINGLE] (2000)
Daniel Lindström-Nån Slags Verklighet (2006)
Daniel René-I Take It Back (2000)
Daniel Shefferd-Do I Do [SINGLE] (2002)Complete 3-track single.
Daniel Shefferd-East & West [SINGLE] (2000)Comeplete Maxi-single.
Daniel Shefferd-Yesterday Once More [SINGLE] (1997)Complete 2-track single & Maxi-single.
Daniel Winans-And The Second Half (1987)
Daniela Pedali-Amore (2005)
Daniela Pedali-Daniela Pedali (2003)
Daniela Pedali-II Rispetto (2006)
Daniela Pedali-Libera (2001)
Danny Saucedo-In The Club [FLAC/AAC Version] (2011)
Danny Wood-D-Wood: Room Full Of Smoke Vol. 2 (2003)
Danny Wood-O.F.D: Originally From Dorchester (Acoustic Tour Exclusive) (2003)
DANNY's MINDFIELD-Corridors Of Hope (1996)
Dario-Get To Know The World [ALBUM] (1988)
Dave Loggins-Apprentice (In a Musical Workshop) (1974)
Dave Loggins-One Way Ticket to Paradise (1977)
David Alexander-The Best Of Vol. 1 (1996)
David Pomeranz-The Truth Of Us (1980)
David Sea-Groove Mission (1997)
David Sea-Searchin' For Love (1993)
David Sea-The Bed Of The Sea (1994)
David Williams-Somethin' Special (1991)
Dean Collinson-Hello, Hello [SINGLE] (1993)Complete 4-track Maxi-single.
Dean Collinson-Runaways [SINGLE] (1993)Complete 4-track single.
Dean Collinson-This Time [SINGLE] (1993)Complete 3-track single.
Debby Kerner & Ernie Rettino-The Kids Praise Album! (1980)a.k.a. "Kids' Praise! 1: An Explosion of Happiness"
Deborah Le Sage-Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place (1989)
DEL AMITRI-Can You Do Me Good (2002)
DEL AMITRI-Some Other Sucker's Parade (1997)
Deluxe-Dream Or Reality (1994)
Denise Lopez-Sayin' Sorry (Don't Make It Right) [45 Vinyl Version] (1988)
Dennis Austin-Feeling I Know Best (1992)
Dennis Rowland-Get Here (1996)
Dennis Rowland-Rhyme, Rhythm, & Reason (1995)
Denosh-Tonight (1997)
Destry-Glasshouse (1990)
D-Fuse-Room Full Of Smoke, Vol. 2 (2003)
DI BENELLI-Storia Di Scarpe (?)No information about this band online whatsoever!
DINKY TOYS-Keep Hope Alive (1994)
DISTANT COUSINS-Warm Hatred (1992)
DJ Bill Bennett Feat. Abigail-Forever Young [CDM] (2009)
DJ Curly-Big Big Love (1997)
Don Bennechi-2 Sides Of Don (1996)
Don Philip-Music Sounds Better With You [SONG] (?)
Don Philip-She's All That [SONG] (?)
Don Philip-You Got Me [SONG] (?)
Donna Gardier-Reach Out (1991)
DOUBLE NATION-Super Best Trance Presents Trance Champion By Sean & Kim (2005)
DOUBLEDARE-Doubledare (1986)
Doug Phillips-Schizophrenic (1983)
Dr. York-1990 (1991)
Dr. York-The Best Of Dr. York (1992)
DREAM-Dream Back To You (2009)
Duane Parham-Alone In This World (1992)
E.G. Daily-Mind Over Matter [SINGLE] (1987)
Ed Jordan-Hear Me Howling (1997)
Edwin McCain-Extended Versions (2013)
Edwin McCain-Nomadic Logic (1991)
Ella May Saison-So In Love (1997)
Eloy de Jong-Boom Boom (?)
EN-SONIC - I Will Never Forget (Oh Baby) [MAXI-SINGLE] (1993)
Erik Hassle-The Hassle Sessions: Volume One (2010)
EVAN AND JARON-Live At KaLo's Coffee House (1994)
Evan-Andas (2014)
Eve feat. Gwen Stefani-Let Me Blow Ya Mind/That's What It Is [SINGLE] (2001)The 6-track single with the instrumental version on it is needed.
Evelyn Champagne King-Flirt [45 Vinyl Version] (1988)
EXOTIC BIRDS-Exotic Birds (1984)
FAB!-Together Forever (1998)
Faith Evans-8 Unreleased Missiles (?)This appears not to be an official album release.
Faith Evans-Ain't Nobody/Kissing You [SINGLE] (1995)
Faith Evans-I Don't Need It (2005)
Faith Evans-Just Burnin' (Burnin' Up Remix) / Burnin' Up (?)
FIERCE-Right Here Right Now (The Album And Bonus Remix CD) (1999)
FINESSE-Summertime (Springtime Has Come and gone) [single] (1996)
FLOS-Supreme Voices (1994)
FOLLOW THAT DREAM-The Album (2000)
FORCE M.D.'s-Reunion (2000)
FREDRIK & THE ROCKERS-You Took Away My Heart (1984)
Free-Free's World (2004)Free is the stage name of rapper Marie Wright.
FRESH BEAT BAND-The Fresh Beat Band Vol. 2.0: More Music From the Hit TV Show (2012)
Funkmaster Flex-Good Life (2000)
FUNKY DIAMONDS-Night Fever (1998)
FUNKY LIPS-Funky Lips (1990?)
GALLEON-I Believe [SINGLE] (2001)
Gardner Cole-It's Your Life (1991)
Gary Benson-Rusing In To Love (1983)
Gavin Hope-For All We Know (2013)
GENTS-It's No Dream (1990)
George Michael-The Lowdown (2011)
GF4-Need Love (To Make The Sex Right) (1995)
GF4-Sooner Or Later (1994)
Gia Ciambotti-Right As Rain (2007)
GIRL NEXT (2006)
GIRL NEXT 2 (2007)
GIRLSCHOOL-Wild At Heart (2003)
Gordon MacRae-Stranger In Paradise (2006)Compilation album featuring Gordon's tunes?
Grace Hawthorne & John Barbe-God Made Me A Specialty (1980)
GRACE-Grace (1998)GRACE appears to be a Norwegian all-female pop trio, known for the song called "Paradise".
Granger Smith-That's What I Do With It (2012)
Gry-Magc Touch (1984)
Gry-Sparks (1986)
Guy Sebastian-Guy Sebastian [EP] (2009)
Guy Sebastian-Your Song [EP] (2011)
Hayden Panettiere-Wake Up Call (SINGLE) (2008)
Heinz Winckler-Jy's Bonatuurlik (2013)
HIGH VALLEY-Broken Borders (2007)
Hippie Torrales-House Volumes 4 (1999)
Holly Dunn-Full Circle (2003)
Holly Spears-Heartache To Hope (2012)
Hope Sterling-The Way Things Are (1981)
INFINITY-Baby Stay [SINGLE] (1998)
INKER & HAMILTON -Shadow And Light [SINGLE] (1988)
INNOSENSE-Wherever You Are [SINGLE] (1998)
Irini-Don't Make Me Wish (1995)
Isabel Soares-Thousand Words (2013)
Ivana Spanga-L'arte di arrangiarsi (2004)
Ivy Ray-Kiss You All Lover [SINGLE] (1991)Complete 4-track single.
JAAM BROS.- The Jelly Jaam Sound (1990)
Jaci Velasquez-Help Me (1992)
Jack Grunsky-Children Of The Morning: Activity Book Album (1992)
Jack Grunsky-Dancing Feet (2003)
Jack Grunsky-Dream Catcher (1998)
Jack Grunsky-Follow The Leader (2004)
Jack Grunsky-Imaginary Window: Activity Book Album (1992)
Jack Grunsky-Jack Grunsky (1972)
Jack Grunsky-Jack In The Box #2 (2005)
Jack Grunsky-Jumpin' Jack (1998)
Jack Grunsky-Like A Flower To The Sun (2006)
Jack Grunsky-Newborn Man (1971)
Jack Grunsky-Playground (2001)
Jack Grunsky-Poptakes (1978) (1989)
Jack Grunsky-Room To Move (2009)
Jack Grunsky-Sing & Dance (2005)
Jack Grunsky-The Patience Of A Sailor (1978)
Jack Grunsky-Toronto (1970)
Jack Jones-What I Did For Love (1975)
Jackie Moore-Let Me Try Again (?)Most likely was released as a single in the late 70's along with the track "I Want To Know What Love Is", as seen at
JAKE-Army Of Love (2002)
James Becton-Party Jam (1991)
James Hunter-Kick It Around (1999)
Jan Grau-On My Own But Not Alone (1982)Jan Guar is a Danish singer an co-lead vocalist of the pop/disco band called McKINLEYS.
Jaron And The Long Road To Love-Getting Dressed In the Dark (2010)
Jaron And The Long Road To Love-The Cordovas (2011)
JC Chasez-All Day Long I Dream About Sex (2004)Complete 3-track single.
JC Chasez-Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) [SINGLE] (2002)Complete 4-track single.
JC Chasez-Some Girls (Dance With Women) [SINGLE] (2003)Complete 4-track Maxi-single.
Jenna Drey-Can't Let Go [CDM] (2011)
Jenna Drey-Girlz Night Out [CDM] (2010)
Jeremy Jordan-Where Do We Go From Here? (2013)
Jessica Lowndes-#TBT (2013)
Jessie Kol-Little Emmanuel [EP] (2010)
Jim Photoglo-Pure Love (2001)
Jimmy Scott-Games (1990)
Jinder-I'm Alive (2006)
Jinder-Jinder (2005)
Jinder-Road: Live [EP] (2004)
Jinder-The Dusty Roads [EP] (2001)
Joan Orleans-We Set The Standards (1993)
Jodie Resther-Tu Me Fais La Loi (1999)
Joe Jonas-Love Slayer [SINGLE] (2011)Complete 7-track single in high quality.
Joe Longthorne-Greatest Hits: The Collection (2015)
Joe-Ride With U (The Mixes) (2004)
John Rowles-Rhythm Of The City (1980)
John Schneider-John's Acoustic Christmas (2009)
John Taylor & Johnathan Elias-Resumé (1999)
John Taylor-Live Cuts (2000)
John Taylor-MetaFour (2002)
John Taylor-Retreat Into Art (2001)
John Taylor-Terroristen: Live At The Roxy (1998)
John Taylor-The Japan EP (2000)
JOMANDA/Tara Kemp-I Like It/Hold You Tight [12''] (1993)
Joniece Jamison-Dream In Colour (1992)
JOOSE-Second 2 None (?)Unreleased second album.
Josh Golden & Savannah Outen Covers [EP] (2012)
Joy Enriquez-Atmosphere Of Heaven (2006)
J'son-J'son (1995)
Jules Shear-Steady [Extended Version]
JUMP, LITTLE CHILDREN-The Early Years, Vol. 1 (2001)
Kalen-Fallen From The Sun (2012)
Kandi K-Kandi K (1990)
Karl Keaton-How Can I Let Go? (1993)
Karl Keaton-Just Another Love Affair (1991)
KATRINA & THE WAVES-Turn Around (1995)
KATRINA & THE WAVES-Waves (1986)
Kellé Bryan-Breakfast In Bed (2001)Unreleased. Kellé Bryan was a former member of the r&b girl group, ETERNAL.
Kenny Nolan-I Like Dreamin' (1977)
Kenny Rogers-Best Inspirational Songs (2008)
Kenny Rogers-With Love (1996)
Kevin Kitchen-Split Personality (1985)
Kevn Kinney-Comin' 'Round Again (2006)
Kevn Kinney-Kevn Kinney's Sun Tangled Angel Revival (2004)
Kevn Kinney-Pre-Aproved, Pre-Denied (2009)
Kevn Kinney-The Flower And The Knife (2000)
Kim Hill-Suga Hill (2005)
Kim Wilde-Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) [SINGLE[ (1990)Complete 3-track single.
Kim Wilde-I Can'tSay Goodbye [SINGLE] (1990)Complete 2-track single containing the Megamix.
Kim Wilde-World In Perfect Harmony [MAXI-SINGLE] (1990)Complete 3-track Maxi-single.
Kip Anderson-A Dog Don't Wear No Shoes (1992)
Kyla-Beautiful Days (2006)
Kyla-Heart 2 Heart (2008)
Kyla-Heartfelt (2007)
Kyla-Private Affair (2010)
Kym Syms-Too Blind To See It [Deluxe Version] (1991)
La Toya Jackson-You're Gonna Get Rocked! [Deluxe Edition] (2013)
LaBELLE-On Stage (1964)
Lady Red-Hi A Lady (1998)
Lane Brody-Even More [SONG]
Lari White-Always And Forever [SONG] (2004)The song seems to be on an alternate version of "Green Eyed Soul" that I don't have.
Lari White-Spread The Word [SONG] (2004)The song seems to be on an alternate version of "Green Eyed Soul" that I don't have.
Latimore-All You'll Ever Need (1998)Benny Latimore is not to be confused with r&b singe Kenny Lattimore.
Latimore-Latt Is Back (2003)Benny Latimore is not to be confused with r&b singe Kenny Lattimore.
Latimore-Turnin' Up The Mood (1996)Benny Latimore is not to be confused with r&b singe Kenny Lattimore.
Laura Branigan-Greatest Hits Remix Collection (2000)
Lavinia-Dragoste In Secret (2010)
Layla Kaylif-Hallelujah [SIINGLE] (2012)
Lea Salonga-Lea Salonga (1988)
Lea Salonga-Small Voice (1981)
Leah Haywood-Leah (2001)
LEGAL LIMITS-Legal Limits (1982)
LEGEND-Time And Place (1988)
Leif Garrett-"F8" (pronounced 'Fate') (2003)
Leif Garrett-My Movie Of You (1981)
Leif Garrett-Same Goes For You (1979)
Lenny Kravitz-Is There Any Love In The World? [EP] (1994)
Lenny McDaniel-Worth The Price (1996)
LET LOOSE-B Sides Vol. 1 (2014)
LET LOOSE-B Sides Vol. 2 (2014)
LET LOOSE-The Best Of 1993-2013 (2013)
LETTERMEN-Everything's Good About You (1971)
Lian Ross-Are You Ready (2003)
Lian Ross-Neuer Kurs (1999)
Lian Ross-Next Generation (1999)
Lian Ross-Oh La La La (1998)
LIES DAMNED LIES-Lies Damned Lies (1990)
LILI & SUSIE-I Vågens Tecken (1995)
Lindy Layton-No Other Star (1996)
Lisa Edwards-Thru The Hoop (1993)
Lisa Lagoda-Half Moon Street (1989)
Lisa Molina-My Love Will Be There (1996)
Loïs Andréa-Insomnies (1999)
Lorraine Southwick-One Way Affair (1992)
Lorrraine Cato-Lorraine Cato (?)
Louise-Finest Moments (2002)
Louise-The Greatest (1998)
Loyiso-Wine, Women And Song (2003)
Lucy Hale-Get Here [SINGLE]
Lucy Hale-I'm Gonna Make You Love Me [SINGLE]
Lucy Hale-Make It Easy On Yourself [SINGLE]
Luther Vandross-I Really Didn't Mean It [CD Maxi Limited Edition] (1987)
Lyndon David Hall-In Between Jobs (2005)
MAIN EVENT-So Delicious (1990)
Malaika-Gotta Know (Your Name) [SINGLE] (1993)
Marc Nelson-Marc: My Words (2007)
MarcAlex-Boys B Boys (1990)
MarcAlex-Yeah (1991)
Marina Prior-Candlelight Christmas (2013)
Marla Gibbs-Second Chance (?)
Martin Okasili -The Invisible History Of The Black Celt (1996)
MC Lyte-The Shit I Never Dropped (2003)
McAULEY BOYS-In Another Lifetime (1996)
Melissa Schuman-Stereotyped (2002)
MEMPHIS BLUE-Every Little Thing (1993)
MEMPHIS BLUE-I'll Be There [SINGLE] (1992)Three-track single.
Mendy Lee-Mendy Lee (1990)
Meshell Ndegeocello-If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night) [SINGLE] (1993)
Michael Damian-Christmas Time Without You / Was It Nothing At All [SINGLE] (1989)
Michael Damian-She Did It [7'' SINGLE] (1981)
Michael St. James-A Gift From My Heart [SINGLE] (1989)Complete 3-track single.
Michael St. James-Feel My Love [SINGLE] (1986)Complete 3-track single.
Michael St. James-Nobody Wants To Love Me [SINGLE] (1993)Complete 2-track single.
Michael St. James-There Is Only One Love [SINGLE] (1985)Complete 3-track single.
Michael Sterling-The Artist (1986)
Michael Sterling-Time [Deluxe Edition] (2011)
Michael Sterling-Trust (1994)
Michael Tomlinson-Standing In Troublesome Creek (2005)
Michael Tomlinson-Trace The Sky (1998)
Michelle Gayle-Looking Up (2000)
Mikhael Mala-The Forgotten Path (2015)
Miranda-Your Love Is So Divine [MAXI-SINGLE] (1994)
MONROES-Everything's Forgiven (1987)
MONROES-Face Another Day (1985)
MONROES-Sunday People (1983)
MONTELLAS-Conscience (1988)
Morten Harket-Kamilla og tyven [Remix] (2005)
MQ3-Everyday [CDS] (1997)
Nadine Renee-Let's Make Love (1995)
Natalie Brown-A Cool Christmas (2003)
Natalie Brown-Let The Candle Burn (2000)
Natalie Brown-Random Thoughts (2009)
Natalie Brown-The Relationship Odyssey (2012)
Natasha-Machinery (1990)
NATURALLY SMOOTH-Still Comin' (2001)
Neil Lockwood-Tell Tale Heart [SINGLE] (1983)Complete 2-track Maxi single.
Neil Sedaka-Sedaka Live In Australia At The South Sydney Junior Leagues Club (1976)
Network-Broken Wings [MAXI-SINGLE] (1992)
Network-Get Real [SINGLE] (1993)Complete 3-track single.
New Born-Falling In Love [SINGLE] (1993)
NEW DRAMA-The Wild World (1986)
Nick Berry-Nick Berry (1986)
Nick Lachey-SoulO [Japanese Edition] (2003)
Nick Rhodes & John Taylor-Only After Dark (2006)
Nicki French-Eurovision EP (2015)
Nicki French-One Step Further: Anthology Edition (2015)
Nicki French-Redlight (Spells Danger) / Leave A Light On [SINGLE] (2013)Complete 10-track single.
NICKLEBACK-Lullaby [Pop Mix] (2012)Needed in good quality.
Nicolette Larson-Shadows Of Love (1988)
Nigel Martinez-Better Things To Come (1978)
NINEDAYS-Somethng Out Of Nothing (2013)
Nita Whitaker-Nita Whitaker (1994)
NU SHOOZ-Can't Turn It Off (1982)
NU VISION-Everlasting Love (1993)
NU VISION-Forever Mine (1991)
O'Bryan-Doin' Alright / You And I (2013)
Offer Nissim feat. Maya Simantov-First Time (2005)
Oleta Adams-Going On Record (1983)
OSMOND BOYS-On Our Own (1988)
P.Z. PROJECT-Won't You Be My Playthang (1991)
PARTY-Adult Decision [NON-REMIX] (1991?)The REMIX appears on their "In The Meantime, In Between Time" album, but there may be an un-remixed version.
Patty Cabrera-Love Someone Like Me (2002)
Paul Leslie-Dry Champagne (1985)
Paul Leslie-Hey Piano Man/Explosive Boogie Rock (?)Recored with the MATS NORLIN BOOGIE PROJECT.
Paul Leslie-I Will Take You Home Tonight (?)
Paul Leslie-Just For Fun (1981)
Paul Leslie-Multiplaying (1984)
Paul Leslie-No Way Out (1986)
Paul Leslie-Now Or Never (1997)
Paul Varney-If You Only Knew [iTunes Version] (1991)
Paul Varney-So Proud Of You [iTunes Version] (1991)
Pauline Wilson-Only You (1997)
PEPSI & SHIRLIE-All Right Now [Remastered] (2011)
Perri-Anthology: The Ultimate Collection (2004)
Peter Andre-Natural [CDM] (1997)
Peter Andre-The Very Best of Peter Andre: The Hits Collection (2002)
Peter Black-Chameleon (1990)
Peter Cox-Damn The Brakes (2013)
Peter McIan-Playing Near The Edge (1980)Member of the 80's band MEN AT WORK.
Pia Zadora-Adorable (1983)
Pierre de Charmoy-Hear Me Now (2002)
Pierre de Charmoy-Ovation (1983)
Pierre de Charmoy-Positive (1986)
Pierre de Charmoy-Reaching Out (1983)
PINAY-Candy & Roses [SINGLE] (2000)
PIXIES THREE-Party With The Pixies Three (1963)
POLITICIANS-Take It Easy, Trust Me Baby (1991)
Prince-Joy In Repetition (2001)
QUATRO-Tell It To My Heart (2003)
QUATRO-The Sweetest Thing (2004)
Quincy Jones featuring Babyface and Tamia with Portrait and Barry White-Slow Jams (1996)Complete 2-track single.
R.J.'s LATEST ARRIVAL-Shackles (87') / Heaven In Your Arms (1986)
RADIO FREEDOM-Beyond The Peach Tree (1992)
Raf Van Brussel-Flying (2002)
Raphael Brown-Private Life (2002)
Regine Velasquez-(2010)
Regine Velasquez-Covers, Vol. 1 (2004)
Regine Velasquez-Hulog Ka Ng Langit (2013)
Regine Velasquez-Love Was Born On Christmas Day (1996)
Regine Velasquez-Low Key (2008)
Regine Velasquez-Nineteen '90 (1990)
Regine Velasquez-R2K (1999)
Regine Velasquez-Regine (1987)
Regine Velasquez-Regine (2001)
Regine Velasquez-Tagala Talaga (1991)
Regin-Writing You A Song (1997)
RESTLESS HEART-Restless Heart: Super Hits (2009)
RESTLESS HEART-The Best Of Restless Heart (1991)
Reuben James Richards-About Time (2015)
Rex Smith-Everlasting Love (1982)
Ric Flauding-Refuge (1988)
Rick Littleton-Deliciously Yours (1998)
Rick Price-A Million Miles (2003)
Rick Price-Living Without Your Love [SINGLE] (1990)Complete 2-track or 4-track single.
Rick Price-Songs From The Heart (1993)
Rick Rhodes-Deep In The Night (1998)
Rick Springfield-Beautiful Feelings (1984)A copy with good sound quality is needed.
Rivendell Feat. Cruncher-Sexy Bitch (2009)7-track version.
RIVERSIDE GIRLS-Riverside Girls (1998)
ROCKMELONS-Stronger Together [ALBUM] (1994)
Ron Robbins-Everlasting Love (?)
Ron Robbins-Love Bird (1991)
Ronnie Milsap-One More Try For Love (1984)
Rosie Gaines-Essential Rosie (2015)
Rosie Ribbons-Misbeaving (2002)
Sabrina Salerno-I Love You [SINGLE] (1999)Complete 2-track single containing the 'Club Mix Edit'.
Sally Ann Triplett-Anything Goes (2003)
Sam Harris & Ralph Farris-Broadway Cares: Home For The Holidays (2001)
Sam Harris-Best Of The Motown Sessions (1994)
Sananda Maitreya-Nigor Mortis: A Critical Mass (2009)
Sananda Maitreya-Return To Zooathalon (2013)
Sandra-Silent Running [Cosmo Mix]
SANSARA-Ye Dil Sun Raha Hai (1999)
Sascha Pavlovic-Kissin' The Streets (1990)
Savannah Outen-The Covers, Vol. 1 (2012)
Savannah Outen-The Covers, Vol. 2 (2012)
Savannah Outen-The Covers, Vol. 3 (2012)
Savannah Outen-The Covers, Vol. 4 (2013)
Savannah Outen-The Song of Christmas Time  [SONG] (2010)
Savannah Outen-Tonight With You (With Josh Golden)  [SONG] (2011)
SCHOOL GIRLS ALL*STARS-The Complete Tribute to Britney Spears (2003)
Sergio-Come Home Tonight [ALBUM] (?)
SESAME STREET-Old School: Volume 1  (2010)
SESAME STREET-The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record Album (1971)
SEVEN STORIES-Everything You Want (Nothing That You Need) (1993)
SHAKAYA-Are You Ready (2005)
Shannon Gaye-Odd & Ordinary (1999)
Shaquille O'Neal-Shaquille O'Neal Presents His Superfriends, Vol. 1 (2001)
Shari Ulrich-One Step Ahead (1981)
SHE-SHE SAM-Look What We Started (1989)
SIDE A-By Your Side (1995)
Simon May-New Vintage: The Best Of Simon May (1994)
SMALL-Don't Leave Me In The Rain (1991)
SOLID HARMONIE-I Wanna Love You [SINGLE] (1998)
Sol-This Is For Your Soul (2003)
Sølvguttene-Synger Julen Inn (2001)
Sonia-Everybody Knows [iTunes Remastered Version] (2010)
Sophia Maria-Bump This! (2002)
Sophia Maria-Oh My My (2005)
Sophia Moon-Staring Back At Me (2009)
Sophie B. Hawkins-The Best Of Sophie B. Hawkins (European Edition) (2002)
SOUL II SOUL-The Greatest (1998)
SPLASH-Qu'est-ce Que C'est? (1986)
Stacey Q-Going Goth (2010)
Stacey Q-Stacey Q (1985)
Stacey Q-The Q EP (1982)
Stacey Q-Trip (2009)
Stacy Earl-Blood From A Stone (1993)
STEPS-Buzz [Japan Edition] (2001)
Steve Grace-Children Of The Western World (1988)
Steve Grace-One Night In A Million (1991)
Sunday-Colours In Life (1999)
SUNNY SIDE UP-A Small Price For Heaven (1998)
SURPRISE SURPRISE-Surprise Surprise (1995)Appears to be a Danish girl pop group who released only a self-titled album of cover songs.
Susie Päivärinta-6 Songs (2002)
Susie Päivärinta-In The Sun (2006)
SWEETBOX-Diamond Veil [Deluxe Edition] (2011)
Takako Uehara-First Wing (2000)
TALK ABOUT-Not Gonna Stop (1997)
Tara Kemp-Come Correct [SINGLE] (1994)
T-BIRDS - T-Birds (1993)T-BIRDS is a Danish band.
Tears For Jeanie-Tears For Jeanie (1998)
Teddy Gieger-Candles (?)
Teddy Gieger-Step Ladder [EP] (2005)
Teddy Gieger-The March (?)
Terry Crawford-Good Girl Gone Bad (1982)
Terry Crawford-Life Lines (2011)
Terry Crawford-Total Loss Of Control (1986)
TERRY-CRAWFORD BAND - Terri-Crawford Band (1980)
THA'RAYNE-Didn't You Know (2003)
THA'RAYNE-Didn't You Know / Rock Wit Me ‎ [12" Promo] (2003)
THA'RAYNE-No Love (2002)
THA'RAYNE-Rock Wit Me (2002)
Theo Tams-Back Pocket [EP] (2015)
Theo-Chemistry..You An Me (2004)
TICK & TIDE-Paper Plane Pilots (1992)
TICK TOCK-Marcando El Reggaeton (2005)
TICK TOCK-Marcando El Ritmo (2004)
TICK TOCK-Proyecto Menudo (2005)
Tiffany-Mimi's Kitchen [Special Fan Edition] (2008)
TIMESHIFT-Don't You Feel The Beat / Les Divas Du Dancing (1994)
Timi Yuro-Hurt! (1961)
Timi Yuro-I'm Yours (1982)
Timi Yuro-Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1962)
Timi Yuro-Make The World Go Away (1963)
Timi Yuro-Soul (1962)
Timi Yuro-The Best Of Timi Yuro (1963)
Timi Yuro-Timi Yuro (1966)
Timi Yuro-Today (1982)
Timi Yuro-What's A Matter Baby? (1963)
Timmy Thomas-With Heart And Soul (1994)The song "Dying Inside (To Hold You)" is available on
Tina Arena & Marc Anthony-I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You [EP] (1998)
TOMBOY-Read My Lips (1991)
TOMBOY-Shadows On The Wall (1988)
Tony Carey-I Won't Be Home Tonight (1982)
Tony Hadley & Tony Bennett-The Kings Of Swing (2007)
TOTAL-Do You Know? (1995)
TOTAL-When Boy Meets Girl / Do You Think About Us? (1995)
TOUCH OF JOY-Give Me Freedom (1996)
TOUCH OF JOY-Please Don't Go (1997)
TOY TRUCK-Sweetest Thing [SONG] (?)
TRIPLE IMAGE-Turn It Up (2003)
TURNING KEYS-Age Of Wonder (1995)
TWINS-All Mixed Up [SINGLE] (1991)
ULTRA-Say It Once [SINGLE] (1998)
ULTRA-Say You Do [SINGLE] (1998)
ULTRA-The Right Time [SINGLE] (1998)
VAMPS-Can We Dance? [EP] (2013)
VANISHING POINT-From Jump Street (1990)
VELVET-6:09 C.E.T. (1995)VELVET is a Danish band.
Véronique Rivière-En Vert Et Contre Tout (1996)
VIEW FROM THE HILL-Rules Of The Game (2002)
VYGORS-The Vygors (2000)
Wade Elliot-Passionate Love (1992)
WAY BACK WHEN-Some Future (1994)WAY BACK WHEN is a Danish band.
Wayne Hernandez-Telepathic (1987)
Will Clayton-Never Too Late (1989)
Willa Ford-Sexy Sex Obsessive [SINGLE] (2004)
WINNERS-To Be Number One [SINGLE] (1990)Complete 3-track Maxi-single.
Wol Vo-Romantic [12'' SINGLE] (1985)
WORLD SITIZENZ-World Sitizenz (1985)
Yazz-This Is Love (2011)